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Clarity is a modern Precision Medicine and EHR software made by healthcare practitioners, for healthcare practitioners.

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Precision Health Report Intelligence

Using advanced machine learning, Clarity analyzes all of the pillars of health such as biometrics, phenotypic data, DNA sequencing, and more) to give you a blueprint for truly optimized health recommendations for your patients. In fact, Clarity is equipped to make over 1,000 automated precision medicine recommendation combinations for your patients to optimize:

No more wondering whether cutting back on meat has impacted the patient’s blood pressure, or whether getting an extra hour of sleep each night has reduced the patient’s stress levels. With Clarity, you have all the information you need to make smart, data-driven suggestions for optimizing your patients’ health.

Patient Portal and Mobile App (coming soon)

Give patients an active role in their own healthcare. Clarity’s patient portal and mobile app collects biometric data for accurate, up-to-date information. It also gives full transparency into their data and lets them keep track of their personalized recommendations. With better recommendations for your patients, you can expect to see better retention and better outcomes.

EHR Functionality

Simplify your EHR system with Clarity. Clarity’s capabilities include everything you need for streamlined care. In fact, Clarity has been shown to cut out nine hours of provider admin and prep time per patient, per year.

Clarity Features: 

Cloud Based Access

Access patient information on the go with our web-based EHR – from your office, to your home, and everywhere in between. Your information is stored securely in our health grade encrypted servers.

Discount Pricing on Labs and DNA

Clarity software licensees get the perk of Wild Health’s bulk pricing on Labcorp orders as well as our proprietary DNA testing kit. The whole process is streamlined with the labs so that you get the results directly in your portal.

Integrated Telehealth

The experts say that telehealth is here to stay, and it enables you to expand your reach as a practitioner. Our Integrated telehealth platform through our scheduling system helps you keep protected health information (PHI) secure and private, whether you’re doing telehealth visits with patients or care coordination discussions with other providers.

Wearable Device Integration (coming soon)

Patients who track their biometrics (HRV, HR, sleep) using any device that connects to Apple or Google health will have information automatically sent to their Clarity dashboard. This provides more timely insights to empower you to take your care and guidance to the next level.

Patient Dashboard

Gain visibility into high level patient insights through data collected from the patient portal and Clarity health reports. Patients and providers have access to a health score, key metrics, and tracking for their health & habit goals. This visibility saves time for you and your patients while providing added accountability – a win-win scenario that allows you to up-level your quality of care. 

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