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Unlock the secrets to health with Clarity, the world's first true precision medicine algorithm. Through advanced machine learning it combines DNA analysis, biometrics, microbiome, and phenotypic data to give you a blueprint for truly optimized health and maximized healthspan for your patients.

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What is Clarity

Clarity is the only Precision Medicine platform in the market that achieves holistic, clinically-validated, and personalized health plans for patients, while functioning as a modern healthcare software ecosystem, improving efficiency and focus for doctors.

100% absolutely worth it. There’s no turning back. It’s the way to do the right thing. It takes out the guesswork, and I have my integrity back.

Clarity Customer

Personalized recommendations based on DNA and Bloodwork to optimize:

Diet & Nutrition

Exercise and Recovery




Chronic Disease Prevention

Longevity & More

Benefits Of Clarity

Improve quality of care by the addition of true precision medicine

Precision Health Reporting

Automated recommendations in context of DNA, labs, bio data & patient preferences.

Cloud Based EHR Functionality

Charting, messaging, scheduling, patient portal, lab integration.

Improve patient engagement and results

Patient portal & mobile app collects bio data and increases patient engagement.

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No patient is on the exact same program, it’s individual to what they need even if they have the same goal.

Clarity Customer

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